40 Ways to Force A Card

40 Ways to Force A Card
40 Ways to Force A Card
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Quick Overview
40 Ways to Secretly Force a Card - Learn From Expert Card Magicians

  • Gain command of the cards and your audience like never before!
  • Leave your spectators scratching their heads and asking every time, “How did he do that!"
  • The ultimate guide to improving your existing skills and learning new forces quickly and expertly
  • Master just 5-10 of these forces and you will be on your way to executing some mind blowing card effects  
  • Over 40 secret forces you MUST know…Do not be left out in the cold when it comes to the mastery of card manipulation

Fool your spectators with the most amazing secret card forces ever! Learn over 40 secret forces!

Go in-depth with expert card magic instructor Gerry Griffin step by step, move by move.

This DVD contains over two and a half hours of demonstrations and explanations to expand your capabilities as a card magician.

Here's what you'll learn:
Overhand Shuffle Force, Hindu Shuffle Force, Hindu Shuffle Force II, Riffle Force, Hints, 10 to 20 Force, Glide Force, Glide Force II, The Toss Force, Toss & Spread Force, Helpful Hint, Slip Force, Slip Force Variation, Cross Cut Force, Why Use A Force?, Hofzinser Force, Hofzinser Force Hint, Dribble Force, Just Say When Force, Face Up Hindu Force, Roll Over Half Force, Classic Force, Bridging The Deck Force, Helpful Hint, Hot Rod Force, Two Marked Cards Force, Behind The Back Force, Short Card Force, Peeking -A- Card, Spectator Number Force, Hidden Force, Card Hint, Cut Deeper Force, Ed Balducci's Cut Deeper Force, Bluff Force, Future Predictions, Pinky Riffle Force, Multi Cut Force, Gimmick Card Force, Gimmick Card Force Extras, Gimmick Card Force w/Money 

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