False Shuffles

False Shuffles
Learn False Shuffles With Cards
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Quick Overview
Learn False Shuffles With Cards

Imagine picking up a deck of cards and shuffling them without ever changing the order of the cards.

Whether manipulating card order or simply satisfying skeptical audience members, false shuffles are a MUST in performing card effects.

Join Ben Salinas as he introduces a variety of false shuffles.
Watch and learn the most useful and most practical shuffles to use under any circumstance.

These shuffles are the best of the best!

  • Zarrow Shuffle
  • Greek Shuffle
  • Underhanded Overhand Shuffle
  • False Faro Shuffle
  • Off the Table False Riffle Shuffle
  • Showoff Shuffle
  • False Hindu Shuffle
  • Red Black False Shuffle
  • Austrian Toss Shuffle
  • False Haymow Shuffle
  • Push Thru False Shuffle
  • Sloppy False Shuffle
  • Overhand False Shuffle Retaining Top
  • Overhand False Shuffle Retaining Bottom
  • Hindu Shuffle Retaining Bottom
PLUS many more excellent and highly useful tips!

PRODUCT DETAILS - Single Packaged Unit
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Weight: 0.2 lbs

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