Cutting Edge: Cards and Coins

Cutting Edge: Cards and Coins
Cutting Edge: Cards and Coins
Item No.: 0106

Quick Overview
Cutting Edge: Cards and Coins is a 3 volume set that includes the most amazing magic with cards and coins ever seen!

Award winning magicians, John Born and Jason Dean break down every secret for you to easily master and perform incredible effects with cards and coins.
Gain access to the next generation of moves, effects and flourishes in close-up magic.

VOLUME 1: Cutting Edge Card Magic
VOLUME 2: Cutting Edge Coin Magic
VOLUME 3: Cutting Edge Flourishes & “The Jam Session”

  • Translocation ReBorn
  • Flying Sandwich
  • Borrowed Quarter Matrix
  • 1-2-3-4 Backfire
  • Sand-u-wicha
  • Muscle Pass Coin Change
  • Layover Coin Change
  • Toss Change
  • I Love You
  • Replay
  • Fan Flip Freak
  • Johnny B’s 6 Way
  • Get A Life
  • Splat in Half
  • Sandwich Outdone
  • Punch Transpo
  • One-Handed Card Trick
  • Twisting the Illusion
  • The Vanishing Lesson
  • The “Woble” Vanish
  • Trans-knee-cation
  • Balance Palm
  • Layover Production
  • Pik-A-Nip
  • 3 Fly Section
  • True Cut-Z-False Shuffle
  • Toss Double
  • Glide Double
  • Convincing Control Variant
  • The Dean’s Double
  • D.B.D. Variant
  • Coin Change Sequence
  • “Jam Session”

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