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30 Tricks & Tips with Cups and Balls (Standard DVD Case)

30 Tricks & Tips with Cups and Balls (Standard DVD Case)
30 Tricks & Tips with Cups and Balls (Standard DVD Case)
Item No.: 6431E

Quick Overview
You will learn step-by-step from a professional magic instructor.  
Add over 30 Tricks & Tips with Cups & Balls to your arsenal with this complete course in magic training.

  • Plastic Set of Cups & Balls
  • 30 Tricks Instructional Magic Training Guide

  • Professional Routine
  • The Basics
  • Inertia Move
  • Fake Transfer, Take, & Put
  • French Drop
  • Classic Pass
  • Frank Garcia’s Master Vanish
  • Holding Out Techniques
  • Finger Palm Load
  • Thumb Palm Load
  • Classic Palm Load
  • Tip Over Load
  • Loading A Nested Cup
  • ER’s Advanced Stacking Move
  • Two Finger Steal
  • Cup Holdout
  • Two Finger Steal & Cup Spin
  • Nested Cup Steal
  • Little Finger Retention
  • Nesting Roll Steal
  • The Scoop Method
  • Pinch or Roll Method
  • Fake Roll Out, Fake Load
  • Fake Transfer Load
  • Solid Through Solid
  • Wand Penetration
  • Wand Penetration Variation
  • Cup Measurement
  • Ball from Empty Cup
  • Cup Roll
  • Ball Through Cup
  • Charlie Miller Move
  • Advanced Miller Move
  • Elevator Move
  • Click Move
  • Eddy Ray Cheat Move
  • Flustration Count
  • Tip Off Move

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