30 Tricks & Tips-Rope Magic

30 Tricks & Tips-Rope Magic
30 Tricks & Tips-Rope Magic
Item No.: 6437E

Quick Overview
Rope Magic will astonish your audience and can be picked up quickly!

Eddy Ray’s teaching will take you step-by-step into the world of rope magic.
Add over 30 Tricks & Tips to your arsenal!

You Will Learn:
  • One Handed Knot
  • Triple Knot Appearance
  • Self Tying Knot
  • Throw Knot
  • Professors Nightmare
  • Cut & Restored Knot
  • Comedy Cut & Restored Knot
  • Threading The Needle
  • You Do As I Do
  • Finger Ring Off Shoelace
  • Bowtie Knot
  • Endless Loop
  • Three To One
  • Rope Though Neck
  • Stretching The Rope
  • Stiff Rope
  • Cut & Restored String
  • Silk Though Rope
  • Thumb Tie Escape
  • Kellar Rope Tie Escape
  • Rope & Ring Routine
PLUS much more!

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