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Out of This World CloseUp Pad Kit

Out of This World CloseUp Pad Kit


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Out of This World CloseUp Pad Kit
Item No.: 0222KIT

Quick Overview
Out of This World Closeup Pad Kit


Close-up Pad (Gambler's Green) 16" x 23"
Neoprene backing with a beautiful gaming table surface makes these close up pads the best in the industry. Measuring 16”x 23” they are the perfect size and cushion for all close-up card tricks, cups and balls, 3 shell and more!

Out of This World
Sorting cards by color is easy, right?  What if the cards are face down? Hand this challenge off to your friends and watch their amazement when they reveal the cards to be correctly sorted.  The magic may be out of your hands, but it is definitely... OUT OF THIS WORLD

Any deck of playing cards can be used to perform this effect.

Printed instruction guide for step by step learning
Teaching DVD
Online learning.

History In Magic:
This effect is credit to: Paul Curry in 1942; "The Trick That Fooled Winston Churchill"

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