De Land's $100 Deck - The Ulimate Trick Deck Since 1913 to 2019

De Land's $100 Deck - Why did we make this deck?

Theodore DeLand (1873-1931) could very well be one of the most underrecognized great inventors of close up magic. In 1913 DeLand created the Automatic Deck (aka Dollar Deck) that even today in 2019 is the most useful trick deck in existence.

The Automatic Deck: - Let me break it down for you to decide:

It's a Marked Deck (highly deceptive, yet simple marking system)

It's a Stacked Deck (for those who want to perform beyond the basics)

Finally, it's a Tapered Deck (aka wizard deck, biseauté deck, or stripper deck)

Magic Makers - SS Adams Co. celebrates Theodore DeLand with offering

De Land's $100 Deck

This is a special edition Automatic Deck printed in Air Cushion Bicycle Playing Card Paper Stock. Plus we have added as a bonus packet trick - Pick It Out

Pick It Out arguably is the greatest packet trick ever invented - also created by Theodore DeLand. Over the years after it came out, it has been called by many names such as Clever Ace, The Ultimate 3 Card Trick, and Chase The Ace. The card designs may have varied, but it's still DeLand's Pick It Out.

Each unit comes with this limited edition deck, bonus gimmick cards and a complete instructional guide with online video learning.

Enjoy, you won't be disappointed - Rob Stiff


De Land's $100 Deck - The Ulimate Trick Deck Since 1913 to 2019