Magic Trick with Alternate Endings

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of new and exciting magic tricks? Well....we do! We are always brainstorming and coming up with new and improved tricks of all types.

We recently created the Sizzle Stick. This is a take on the traditional paddle move but with an improved ending....or two!

You start with both sticks in your pocket. You take out the first and do the normal routine. Once finished you put back in your pocket and you say "well wait a minute, what if we counted from the opposite end?"

You then pull out the second stick (they obviously think its the same) and you count from the opposite side and end up on white. You then do the paddle move and switch the paddle to a white and black wand!

Alternative Ending:

Instead of saying "what if we counted from the opposite end" you say "do you want to know how I did that trick?". Of course they will say yes, and you then take out the second stick and say "well, with a little magic you can do anything" and you change the stick into the black and white wand right before their eyes!


Magic Trick with Alternate Endings