Brainwave Poker Size Deck


This card trick will fool even the most observant of spectators. But better than that, this trick can be easily mastered. And best of all, no sleight of hand is needed to pull off one of the best card tricks of all time.

Ask the spectator to think of any card in the deck. Before saying it out loud, the brainwaves have already sent it from your spectator to the deck. The magic is now complete. Once the name of the card has been spoken, without a moment’s notice, you take out the deck. and reveal that their card is not only the one card face up, but it’s also the only card with a red back.

The Brainwave Deck is made with the high quality that you know and expect from Magic Makers. The familiar poker size allows for ease in handling the deck.

PRODUCT DETAILS - Single Packaged Unit
Dimensions: 6 x 4.2 x 2 inches
Weight: 0.2 lbs


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