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100 Card Tricks Kit - Automatic Deck & Svengali Deck Included


Master over 100 card effects with 8 hours of teaching material on DVD in this comprehensive magic training guide on card magic.

It contains a complete range of card tricks for magicians of all ages and skill levels.

INCLUDES De Land’s Automatic Marked Deck and a Svengali trick deck so you can start performing right away!

  • Impromptu Card Tricks
  • You Do As I Do
  • Card Subtleties Utilizing Key Cards
  • Double Back Principles
  • Magic Utilizing Double Faced Cards
  • Card Mysteries Using a One Way Back Design
  • Reversed Ordinary Cards
  • Mysteries of Prearranged Deck
  • Magic With Svengali Deck
  • Magic With Mene-Tekel Deck
  • Magic With A Stripper Deck
  • Mysteries With Special Decks
  • Use Of Short Cards
  • Misc. Tricks
  • Indispensable Sleights

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