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Pro Table With Carrying Bag


Ready Set Go Like A Pro!
Magic Makers - Pro Table With Carrying Bag - Portable Edition

This is the Ultimate table for the Performing Magician and traveling entertainer.

Table Surface:
Casino Gaming Grade Surface for perfect feel and performance for cards coins cups & ball and more.
The Blackjack Foam Cushion working area is 21.5 x 33.25 (Inches).

Includes built in mini drawer to store decks and various apparatus.

Size & Weight:
The table stands 32 inches tall with SOLID HARD WOODEN LEGS & is less than 32 lbs.
Included you get a heavy duty nylon carrying bag with shoulder carrying strap.

Shipping - No Problem!
Shipping Box Weight: 36 lbs
Box Dimensions: 42 x 27 x 7 (Inches)

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