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Professional Rabbit Mirror Box


2510 (J10)
You know the trick...the box is shown empty to the audience. The front door is closed and the top lid is opened and impressively a rabbit or stuffed animal is pulled out of the box. A true classic.
Be at ease on stage performing that trick with the Magic Makers Professional Rabbit Mirror Box. This is a solidly constructed prop for stage magic but equally comfortable in close-up or parlor settings.
Any magic audience knows and loves to see a rabbit or stuffed animal being pulled out of a box. It's a timeless classic that both kids and adults can enjoy. With that in mind Magic Makers has created a superb rendition of the classic rabbit mirror box.
The box measures 13.7 x 9.38 x 9.75 inches (34.8 x 23.8 24.8 cm).
The top lid opening is 11 x 6.75 inches (27.9 x 17 cm).
The diagonal depth is 8+ inches.

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