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Undoubtedly the most comprehensive collection of sponge ball moves and routines! 

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This 2 1/2 hour comprehensive collection of sponge ball moves and routines is undoubtedly your best learning resource!



  • The Jacket Lapel Move
  • Let's Have Some Elbow Room
  • The Mayfair Mountebank Ver. 1
  • The Mayfair Mountebank Ver. 2
  • Under the Jacket Move

  • The 'Garcia' Master Move
  • The 'Clipped' Vanish
  • The 'Exercise' Vanish
  • The One Two Three Vanish
  • Now You See It Now You Don't
  • Two To Nothing
  • Quick Vanish
  • The 'O.K.' Vanish
  • The Roll Down Animated Vanish
  • The 'Bold' Vanish
  • The 'Bluff' Vanish
  • The Pretended Place Vanish
  • The 'Toss' Vanish
  • The 'Squeeze' Vanish
  • The 'Pretended Take' Vanish
  • Nip & Tuck No Skill Vanish
  • The 'Hook' Vanish
  • The 'Impossible Challenge' Vanish
  • The 'Back Palm' Vanish
  • The 'Deleiberate' Vanish
  • Mike Tannen's 'Fork' Move
  • Mike Tannen's 'In' Move
  • The 'Gaff' Vanish
  • Up To My Neck In Sponges

  • The Magic '10' Count
  • The Magic '10' Count 4 Plus
  • Frank Garcia's Magic '10' Count
  • The Slow Motion Transposition & Impromptu
  • Derek Dingle's Undercover Move
  • Spur Of The Moment Routine
  • Short & Sweet
  • The Slick Routine
  • My Routine My George
  • Simply Commercial
  • The 'Drop' Ploy
  • 'Hanky Panky'
  • 'Sometimes'
  • Jimmy Reneaux's Idea
  • Veil of Darkness
  • Veil of Darkness (Improved Version)
  • The 'Sacrosanct' Routine
  • Head To Head
  • Bob Elliot's Razzle Dazzler
  • Father Cyprian's Spongeball Routine
  • The Grand Finale
  • The Big Secret 'Hidden Factor'
  • Bill Surprise

  • Classic Palm
  • Roll Down Vanish
  • Pen Cap Production
  • Two Finger Vanish
  • Thumb Palm Vanish
  • Pinch Production
  • Thumb Palm Vanish (2nd Variation)
  • The Spring Production

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