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The most valuable weapon in any card magician's arsenal is CONTROL.

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Learn these 13 card trick controls step-by-step in this complete course with master card controller, Kris Nevling.

Learn the following controls in this complete course...

  • Shuffle Control - Bring the spectator's card to the top of the deck after shuffling it.
  • Break Control - After cutting the spectator's card into the deck, it ends up right on top again.
  • Dribble Control - While dribbling the deck on the table, randomly toss the spectator's card within. The card ends up on top of the deck.
  • Add a Card Control Add the spectator's card to the center of the deck. Square up and their card goes right back on top.
  • Elevation Control The spectator's card elevates from the middle of the deck to the top.
  • Switched Selection Control The spectator's card is placed into the deck, and switches to become the card on the top of the deck.
  • Just Below Control - After placing the spectator's card somewhere into the deck, their card appears just below the top card.
  • Spring Control - Randomly place the spectator's card into the deck. Spring the cards into your other hand and their card jumps to the top.
  • Buckley Fan ControlFan the deck, placing the spectator's card into the center. Close the fan, squaring the deck and their card returns to the top.
  • Middle Pack Control Fan a small packet of the deck and place the spectator's card within. Then, place the packet into the center of the deck. Their card will remain on top.
  • Convincing Bottom Control - Control the spectator's card from the middle of the deck to the bottom.
  • Dribble Sandwich Control - Dribble half the deck onto the spectator's card, loosing it somewhere in the deck. Their card then ends up back on top.
  • Two Half Tilt Control - After loosing the spectator's card within the deck, control it to the top.


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