Easy To Master Card Magic 100 Tricks with Svengali Deck - DVDs + Digital Download Access

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Bicycle Svengali Deck Included - Red or Blue Assorted

100 Card Tricks with Digital Access Pass

Become a Card Master with This Complete Course

BONUS Color Changing Card Trick

Instant Download and Streaming Access. Your videos can also be downloaded for offline viewing!

Every magician wants a card trick that never fails, but always amazes.

In this collection, learn a trick that’s easy to perform, and will stump everyone. Lay out 12 cards in a clock formation and place the Queen of Spades in the center. Ask them to secretly think of an hour between 1-12, and grab that many cards of the stack. Before you pick up the cards in the clock formation, ask the spectator to remember that card that was on their chosen time.

After the cards are picked up, give them a cut. Show that their card is not on the top or the bottom. Recreate the clock format, and to their amazement the Queen of Spades took the place of the time they chose, and the card in the middle is the card that was on their time. 

Don’t think objects can change places? Flip through a regular deck, stopping at any card. With just the wave of your hand, the randomly chosen card has moved to the top of the deck in your own hands. Spectators don’t believe it? This trick can be shown again and again, and learned in a matter of minutes. Be able to fool the best of the best with this trick. Every magician needs this trick in their collection.

With The Master’s Card Magic Illusion Kit, you’ll be ready to perform these incredible tricks and many more with any deck. With rare material from one of the best names in magic, learn card forces, false shuffles, and card handling. These DVDs will take you from budding magician to a card master in a drop of a hat.

  • Learn to Perform Incredible Tricks with Any Deck
  • Includes Rare Material From One of the Best Names In Magic
  • Go from Budding Magician to a Card Master In a Drop of a Hat
  • Learn Never Fail Tricks
  • Magic Tricks by Magic Makers - Become the Magic