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Complete Card Magic & Modern Coin Combo


This Ultimate Combo Set Includes...

Modern Coin Magic: 4 DVD Set
Watch, in wonder and amazement, the most incredible sleights and tricks with coins.
Then, learn step by step from the performer's view, how you too can do these amazing coin moves.
This set is overloaded with 170+ sleights and tricks using coins.
All is carefully explained step by step from master magician ben Salinas.

DVD One:
  • Coin concealments
  • Basic techniques
  • Coin vanishes
  • Bonus material
DVD Two:
  • Complete coin vanishes
  • Quick tricks
  • Cuffing
  • The art of sleeving
DVD Three:
  • Coins across
  • Coin classics
 DVD Four:
  • Coin boxes
  • Shell and folding half
  • The miser's dream

Complete Card Magic- 7 Volume Set

Volume 1: Beginner
14 easy to learn card miracles jump-start your magical journey into complete card magic

Volume 2: Intermediate
14 second level mysteries continue your magical journey with fourteen intermediate mysteries.

Volume 3: Advanced
14 valuable mysteries: Your magical journey gets advanced with 14 all new mysteries.

Volume 4: Expert
10 pro level mysteries. Your magical journey into complete card magic gets really exciting with ten new mysteries.

Volume 5: Expert extreme
10 superior mysteries. You will see and learn the best of the best in card mysteries. Ten expert effects that will become your favorite showstoppers.

Volume 6: Forces. Shuffles. Flourishes.
Our magical journey would not be complete without card handling techniques.

Volume 7: Cuts and sleights
Complete card magic includes over 100 cutting edge card mysteries and techniques, from beginner to expert extreme.

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