Thirteen 13 Mind Reading Tricks - DVD + Digital Download Access


Incredible Mind-Reading Magic Training
Develop the Techniques of the Open Mind
Become a Mentalist Using Rudy T. Hunter's Effects
Watch - Learn - Perform
Magic Tricks by Magic Makers

Rudy T. Hunter an accomplished mentalist pulls back the curtain on the mysterious world of mind-reading.This complete volume of magic training will serves as a fantastic introduction into the world of opening your mind and opening the minds of your participants.We think you'll find this training to be fun to watch and enjoy as you master all of the secrets contained inside.


Welcome to the underground world of mentalism. We have been waiting for you...

Contents on this Magic Training:

Card Reveal
Center Tear
Invisible Window
David Hoy Book Test
Birthday Billet
Drawing Duplication
Serial Number Divination
Peek with a Pendulum
Watch Match
Basic Clip Switch
Psychometry Pouches
Card Reading

Mentalism Touch Patterns
Plus a Very Exciting BONUS from Rudy T. Hunter 

PRODUCT DETAILS - Single Packaged Unit

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Weight: 0.2 lbs


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