Step By Step Learning:

SET UP: Place the four double-sided 9's above the five regular 
1. Hold the nine total cards face up, and slowly peel off the top four cards with your thumb into your other hand. Count to four in a steady rhythm.
2. You’ve now arrived at the wild Queen. At this point, your left hand holds all the doubled-faced 9’s and your right hand holds all the regular Queens. You want the spectator to think there are eight 9’s and 
one Queen in the packet.
3. Come forward with the packet of Queens, gripping the entire pile with your left thumb. In this same motion, your right hand will steal the packet of 9’s from underneath.
4. This move switches the positioning of the two packets. Your right hand now holds the four double-faced 9’s. Through this move, the 
spectator should only see one Queen: The Wild Card.
5. Peel off the rest of the four 9’s with your left thumb singly. To further convince the spectator, flip the entire packet and repeat the move again with the cards face down. (Count four, packet switch, count 
four.) Then, they will believe that all the cards have red backs.

6. Hold the entire packet of cards with the red backs face up. Deal only the top red backed cards face down on the table. Then, turn the five remaining cards over and deal the four 9’s face up. This leaves you with one extra card: The Wild Queen. Tell your spectator to watch this Queen very carefully...she’s a wild one. The spectator now thinks the eight 9’s are on the table.

7. Use the Queen to scoop up the four face down cards. (All the face-down cards are also Queens.)

8. Reveal the first part of the transformation by turning over each 
card one by one.
9. Now take each of the four Queens and slip them underneath the 9’s. Make sure the cards are flush together, then flip the two cards over together so that the red backs are up. Don’t let the cards slip. You 
want to be in control of when the change is revealed.

10. All four regular Queens are now on top of the two card piles. Leave one pile with the 9 of spades still face up under the face down regular queen. (This transformation will happen separately for higher 

11. Slide the top regular Queens down, revealing three of the 9’s have changed to Queens.
12. Turn the three face down cards covering a Queen face up to show they are indeed also Queens. Take the last remaining face down card (a regular Queen), and scoop it underneath the face up 9.
13. Turn two cards to show red back. Slip off the 9 and show the red back of the Queen again. With this move, the spectator thinks they are seeing the backs of both cards, but they are really only seeing the 
back of the Queen twice.
14. Place the Queen underneath the nine and hold the two cards as 
15. Now, for the final change, turn your wrist and push the cards out of the other side of your hand with your thumb like your hand is 
printing the cards.
16. Reveal the first Queen (which is actually the double-faced 9), and place it with the rest of the Queens. Then flip over the last regular 
Queen and add it to the group of Wild Queens.
17. DO NOT let your spectator inspect the Queens. After each of them have changed to Wild Cards, gather them up and remove them from the table. (Also, do not not perform the trick more than once for your audience because the surprising transformation can 
only happen once.)