Alchemy Vision:

Demo Video:


The performer presents five different colored rods to an observer, turns away letting the observer place one of the colored rods into the tube, and the other four rods into the black sack. The performer then turns back and knows what color is inside without opening the tube!


The brass container is actually a micrometer, which is an instrument used to measure thickness or height. You are provided with five colored rods that differ slightly in height. The container, consists of a tube and lid and holds only one rod at a time. With each different color rod, the lid will screw onto the tube at different increments, and the special marking that is stamped onto the lid will point in a different fixed position. Another special marking positioned on the lower side of the tube in relation to the direction the special marking is pointing on the lid will tell you which color rod is in the tube! The phrase “Know What Goes Right Below” is a mnemonic to remember the color positions. The rod colors will always go in this order: K for blacK, W for White, G for Green, R for Red, B for Blue, see illustrations.


The observer is presented with five different colored rods. The performer turns away as the observer selects one colored rod and places it into the tube, and the other four rods into the black sack. The performer then tells the observer to screw the lid onto the container. Now, there is no way that anyone can see into the brass container. Turning to face the observer, the performer says that he/she has the power of telepathy. The performer picks up the tube, making sure the lid is on firmly, and drops it into the other hand. Placing the container on the counter, the performer quickly glances at the container and tells the observer what color rod is in the container!