Black Scorpion Deck:


This effect uses the standard Ace of Spades Scorpion, the Ace of Spades Scorpion holding a mini card face down, and the Ace of Spades Scorpion holding a mini card face up. On top of the face down deck, place the standard Scorpion Ace of Spades face down, followed by the Ace of Spades Scorpion holding the face down card, followed by the top card, the Ace of Spades Scorpion holding the face up card.



Have your spectator select a card (force the Ace of Diamonds in your favorite way). The selected card is then placed back into the deck of cards. Give the deck a few table riffle shuffles, maintaining the top 5 to 10 cards. This will keep the three gimmicked cards on the top of the deck. 

Next, do a triple lift off the top of the deck, making the top three cards appear as one, and reveal that the Scorpion Ace of Spades was the spectator's chosen card. The spectator will say that this was not his or her card. Explain that is alright, you will have the Scorpion find the spectator's selected card. Place the three cards you triple lifted back on top of the deck. Snap your fingers, do a double lift, and reveal that the Scorpion has grabbed one card face down in its claw. Place the two cards you double lifted back on the deck.

Have the spectator announce his or her selected card. Then ask your spectator to pick up the card ad take a look. Note: He or shill will naturally only lift one card thinking it will be the Scorpion with the faced down card. The card in the Scorpion's claw is now face up, and is an exact match to the spectator's selected card, the Ace of Diamonds.


The 6 of Diamonds and 9 of Clubs card can be used as a comedy prediction. Have this card in the middle of the deck and the 6 of Diamonds and 9 of Clubs on top face down.  Pick up the deck and run through it with the deck facing you as you remove the special card, placing it face down on the table. Mention that two minds can think alike and you will prove it.  Explain that you have made a prediction, and it is on the table face down.  Then using a top slip force the top card on a spectator.

Have him place it back in the middle of the deck and say that with luck you will allow another to pick a card and it will be the same.  Top slip force the next card which is different from the first.  One is the 6 of Diamonds and the other is the 9 of Clubs.  Tell them that there are very few people who believe that the card on the table will match their card.
Naturally since both have different cards, they will think that you screwed up, have them each name their card.  Look a little dismayed as you ask, both of you picked different cards?
You will get a laugh, so then smile and turn over the card showing the face, then rotate it 180 degrees to show the other card on its face as well.