Brainwave Deck:

Learning Video:

The cards are face to face with red backs exposed on one side and blue backs exposed on the other side. The rough texture allows the cards to stay together, but the slightest touch will cause them to separate.

Deck Setup:

The cards are paired in such a way that the two values add to 14. In addition, Spades are faced to Hearts and Diamonds are faced to Clubs. This applies to every card in the deck. Hold the deck with the red backs facing you. Spread the cards face down on the table. With the red backs face up, the cards are held in order from the Ace of Spades through the King of Spaces, followed by the Ace of Clubs through the King of Clubs. If you spread the top five card pairs to the right and slowly spread the 6th pair softly, the 6 of Spades will be seen face up. Flip the deck over so that the blue backs are facing you. The face up cards are now in order from the Ace of Diamonds through the King of Diamonds, followed by the Ace of Hearts through the King of Hearts.

Basic Handling

You can make any card in the deck appear to be the only card turned face up in the deck and the only card with a different colored back. Make sure the named card is faced up and simply fan out the deck. The face of the named card will appear face up amongst an entire deck of face down cards.


Bring out the deck of cards and set it on the table. Have a spectator name any card. Once a card is named, remove the deck from its case and spread the cards face down. For example, if the 7 of clubs was named, remove the deck with the red backs facing you, and count down 20 cards to the 7 of Clubs. Explain that you had to premonition earlier in the day, and to prove it, withdraw the card from the deck and turn it over. Show that not only is it the freely named card, but it also has a blue back while the rest of the cards have red backs. Insert the card back in place and close the deck.

Helpful Tips
1. The deck should be broken in before it is used to perform. Make sure you know how much pressure needs to be applied to move the cards, it really is the slightest amount.
2. Spread the cards face down