Crazy Coin Funnel


This is an amazing magical apparatus sure to stun your spectators. Make coins effortlessly pass through a solid metal wall within the funnel!





You are supplied with three parts, 2 end pieces and 1 spacer. The end pieces screw together to form a tube. The spacer goes in between the two end pieces. You will also need 5 quarters to perform the effect. *Note that the end piece with the smaller mouth should be face up when placing the spacer on before screwing the other end piece on top.


The tube with the spacer in it will retain a quarter when turned over and release it when tapped. For example, if you place four quarters into the tube and then dump them out, only three will exit the tube and one quarter will remain trapped between the end pieces and spacer. You will cleverly hide a fifth coin in your left hand as shown in the right photo.

Step One:

Pass out the end pieces, spacer and the four quarters for inspections. Have 5th quarter hiding in hand like above. Next, put the spacer onto one of the end pieces and place the other end piece on top of it and screw them together. This forms the tube that you will use. Have the spectator examine the tube and make sure it is impossible to pass a solid object through it. Have the spectator place the four quarters into the top of the tube.

Step Two:


​Pick up the tube with your right hand and dump the coins out into your left hand directly onto the quarter already there. It will look like all 4 quarters came out, even though only three came out and one was left behind. After dumping the quarters out continue turning the tube upside down, and place it on the table. You now have four quarters in your hand and one quarter lodged under the
spacer inside the tube, you are now “one ahead.”​​​

Step Three:

Count out loud as you carefully put the 4 coins back into the top of the tube. When ready, tap the tube and the coin will dislodge, making it look like it passed through the metal! (Sometimes the coin will dislodge before putting all the coins back, but the noise will be disguised by the coins hitting the spacer) Place the quarter that “passed” to the side and dump the rest out, again the spacer will hold onto one coin therefore you will have three in your hand now..

Step Four:

Repeat step 3 two more times. You should now have three coins to the side, one in your hand, and one under the tube. To finish the trick you must vanish the coin in your hand and make it appear under the funnel. Transfer the coin from one hand to the other a few times. The last time you go to transfer the coin into your left hand, retain it in your right hand as you pretend to put it in your left hand. Drop your right hand onto the table. Slowly open your left hand to show that the coin has vanished. Lift the tube up to reveal the last quarter.