Drawer Box:


Any object placed in the magic Drawer Box disappears. The object will magically reappear at your command.


There is a hidden drawer within the drawer. The secret drawer can be held back within the box, or released to pull out with the regular drawer.


On the opposite end of the handle is a solid orange end. If you look at this end very closely you will notice a small round dent towards one of the sides. When the side with the dent is pointing towards the ceiling, you will be able to load an object and also make it reappear. When the side with the dent is pointing towards the floor, you will be able to make the object disappear.


Hold the Drawer Box with the dent pointing towards the ceiling, and the top of the box (the ridged side) facing the spectator.. Open the drawer and place an object in the Drawer Box (a folded dollar bill for example). Close the drawer. To make the object vanish, rotate the Drawer Box 180 degrees, with the ridged side still facing the spectator, and give the box a little shake as you say a few magic words. Note: The dent will now be pointing towards the floor. Open the drawer and the object has vanished! To make the object reappear, simply rotate the box 180 degrees again, give the box a little shake, open the drawer, and the object has magically reappeared!