Invisible Peek Wallet

Step by Step Instructions: 

(Video Coming Soon)


The Effect:

A spectator writes down either their favorite food, color, or number, ect. on the back of their business card and places it face down in the wallet’s pocket. The wallet is then closed and placed in the    magician’s pocket. The magician can then tell the spectator what he or she thought of/wrote down. This wallet can be used as a regular wallet and do professional magic anywhere you go!

Step 1:

You take your spectator’s business card and draw a circle “Crystal Ball” on its backside.

Step 2:

Give the spectator back their business card and tell him or her to write any number in the crystal ball. Tell the spectator to turn the card face down hiding the written number.

Step 3:

Take out your wallet and first show the backside with your left hand covering the secret peek window.

Step 4:

Show the open face of your wallet.

Step 5:

Ask the spectator to place the business card, with the writing face down in the pocket of the wallet with the rest of the business cards.

Step 6:

As you close your wallet, get a quick peek  of the written number as seen through the secret window.

Step 7:

Fold your wallet completely closed and then place it into your pocket. Now you are ready to do your magic and tell the spectator his or her ‘thought of number’.