Joker Force:

The Cover Card Force:

You will need: 
Your One Way Force Deck plus one more card from a regular deck (same color as your force deck). Put the single card, or the “cover card”  on the bottom of the deck.

Have the deck face up with your “cover card” showing on the bottom. Turn the deck over and fan it out in your hands.

Tell the spectator to “I am going to have you choose the Joker from this deck, pick any card you think it is”. They will pick a card and turn it over to show they have picked the Joker just like you said!

The Prediction Force:


Have one of the Jokers in your pocket and the deck in the tuck case.


Take the card out of your pocket and tell them you have predicted what card they will pick out of the deck. Place that card on the table, face down.

Take the deck out of the tuck case and fan the cards face down. Tell the spectator to pick a card.

Once they have their card picked, tell them to turn both over at the same time. They will turn over both Jokers and be amazed!

The Jump Card Force

Shuffle the deck face down. Start to riffle through the deck and tell the spectator to tell you when to stop. Once they say stop, take out the card they landed on and turn it over. It will be the Force Card.

Then tell the spectator to really think about that card and proceed to put it back in the middle of the deck. Tell them do not think of anything but that card you chose.

Tap the deck with your finger and snap your finger and say “You thought about it so much that you made the card jump to the top!”  Flip over the top card and watch their amazement!