Knockout Deck:




Each card face is split down the middle, with one half always featuring the Queen of Hearts. Each card back is also split down the middle, with one half being blue and the other half red.


Take the deck out face down. Included on top are two bonus cards: one blue-backed and one red-backed Queen of Hearts. These should be set aside. The deck should be set up starting with the blue backed Joker on top followed by two red backed half queen/half regular cards. Continue with the remaining half queen/half regular with half blue/half red backed cards with the bottom card being the other blue backed Joker. Note: If you spread the cards with the top card going to the right you see the blue backed halves. If you spread the cards with the top card going to the left you see the red backed halves. This is known as the ribbon spread. If your cards are reversed, rotate the deck of cards end for end, 180 degrees.
How the Deck Works
With the deck face up, the Joker should be in the upright position, spread to the right and see all cards are different. Ribbon spread to the left and all are Queen of Hearts. If you flip the deck over as if it were a book, spread to the right, all cards have blue backs EXCEPT for the 2nd and 3rd from the top, be careful not to expose these. The top and bottom cards (both Jokers) can be removed and when the deck is spread to the left, all cards have red backs. Note: Remember to replace the Jokers on top and bottom of the deck after you have removed them. 


Bring out the deck face down making sure the Jokers are positioned correctly. Ribbon spread the cards across the table to the right and expose the blue backs, being careful not to expose the two red backs. Say, “I have a deck of blue cards...” Square up the deck and flip the deck over to the left so the Joker is in the upright position, and upside down to the spectator. Ribbon spread the cards to the right and say, “...and they are all different. Pick a card that looks good. WAIT! That’s too easy because I’m watching you.” Square the cards up, flip the deck to the left with the deck now facing down. Next, rotate the deck 180 degrees end for end and say, “I will riffle through the cards and you tell me when to stop”. Begin pulling up on the top right corner to riffle the cards. When they say “stop”, expose just enough of the card for them to see what it is.

Square the deck up. Say, “Everyone can make a card come to the top; let’s make yours go to the bottom.” Tap the top of the deck forcefully. Flip the deck over to the left in your hand so its face up, this time with the Joker upside down to you, upright to them. Say, “Those pesky Jokers just never want to cooperate. Let’s get rid of them.” Remove the bottom card first, the Joker, without exposing the full red back that is now on the bottom. Then, dramatically remove the top Joker to expose their card, the Queen of Hearts.

Square up the deck and set it on the table. Say, “But I guess I tapped too hard because...” Ribbon spread the cards to the right. “...they all became Queen of Hearts! But what’s even more amazing...” Square the cards up and turn them face down by flipping them over left to right. Ribbon spread to the right, saying, “... is that we’ve been using red cards the whole time!”