Learn Magic Dice

The Effect
The magician explains that the opposite sides of each die totals 7. The dice change places over and over again. At the end, both dice are tossed down for examination.

How it works
You are supplied with three dice, one gimmicked and two normal. One of the normal dice is a 5-2 and the other is a 3-4. The gimmicked die has a blank corner on each side, and can be shown as either a 3-4 or 5-2. Hold the gimmicked die as indicated in Fig. 1. When the three spots are showing, your thumb covers the blank corner, and your index finger of the same hand covers the single spot on the opposite side, in the same corner. The die can be flipped showing it as a 3-4. If you were to rotate the die 180 degrees, the die will then appear as a 5-2 when flipped. Your thumb will now be placed over the spot, see Fig. 2. Once again, your index finger of the same hand will be covering the blank spot of the 5 on the opposite side.


Start with the normal 5-2 die in your back pocket. Hold the normal 3-4 die in your right hand, and in your left hand, hold the gimmicked die showing it as a 5-2. Note: When holding the dice, be sure to hold them by the corner. This way you are holding both the normal and the gimmicked dice the same way.

Begin by showing your spectator that you are holding the 3-4 die in your right hand and the gimmicked 5-2 die in your left hand, as explained earlier. Close both of your hands. Tell your spectator that you are going put the 3-4 die in your back pocket. As you ask your spectator what die you have left in your hand, secretly rotate the
gimmicked die as indicated earlier so that you can show that you have the 3-4 die. Your spectator will then respond, the 5-2 die, but you show them that the 3-4 die has
magically appeared.

To ditch the gimmicked die, act like you are going to put it away in your pocket, as if the trick was completed. When your hand is in your pocket, switch the gimmicked die with the two normal dice, and hand them out for examination.