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Learn The Dice Thru Mirror

Learning Page for the Dice Thru Mirror


The Effect
A die penetrates through a solid mirror.

You receive the wallet, mirror, and die.

The Secret
You will notice the wallet has a secret opening on the bottom.

Hold the wallet in a manner that keeps the secret opening closed. Point out the opening on the top and bottom of the wallet. Show the mirror. A spectator can examine this and the die. Place the mirror into the wallet with the ribbon hanging out. Then place the die on the top of the mirror. Close the lid allowing the die to pass thru the top hole. Have a spectator hold the ribbon that extends from the front of the wallet.

Hold the wallet between the index and middle fingers of both hands with the rear of the wallet held by the palms. Press slowly on the flap of the wallet above the die. As you push, allow the rear, secret compartment, of the wallet to open. Keep the top of the wallet parallel with your working surface. The third and fourth fingers of your hands keep the bottom of the wallet from opening too far and too fast.

When the die falls from the wallet, your fingers push the bottom of the wallet closed. The mirror and die may be handed out for examination.

Helpful Tips
The die falls from the rear of the wallet, however you want your audience to believe it came thru the bottom hole. I will often use a bowl or top hat under the wallet. When the die falls, it will hit the rear of the bowl and slide toward its center. When the wallet is moved aside, the die will be sitting directly under it reinforcing the illusion that it has passed straight thru the mirror.

Try to prevent the die from falling off the table as it penetrates the mirror. This looks amateurish and it gives the audience reason to think some kind of switch of the die was made. It also disturbs the “moment of Magic” as everyone is looking on the floor for your prop.

While the mirror and die can be examined, I never hand them out. Calling attention to the normalcy of these two items draws attention to the wallet. Your ability to handle the props in a casual manner and so close to your audience removes many suspicions about them in the spectators’ minds.