Learn Vanishing Box

Learning Video:

The Effect
Make a coin, a ring, or any small object seem to instantly vanish.

The Secret
When the lid on the box is closed, hold it on the narrow end with your thumb on the top and your fingers at the bottom of the box. Your thumb should be positioned so that it can pull back on the lip of the lid to slide the lid open.

Squeezing the box (pressing your thumb and fingers together) will release the secret sliding mechanism. (Squeeze the box and gently shake it. Hear the rattle?) The rattle creates the illusion that the object, like the coin or other object that you are using, is sliding around inside the box.
When you stop squeezing the box, the noise will stop as well, creating the illusion that the object is no longer in the box. (Squeeze the box and gently shake it. While still shaking it, loosen your grip- stop squeezing, but keep shaking. In mid-shake, it seems as though the item has vanished from the box. Start to get the idea?)

Show the wooden box to the spectator. You can show all sides of the box and even open it and remove the lid. Slide the top lid back on, about half way open. Hold the box in rattle position, your thumb on top resting against the lid lip, and your other fingers underneath the box. Ask the spectator to drop a coin into the box. Rattle the coin back and forth in the box with the lid still half open. Let the spectator see the coin moving in the box, and let him/her hear the sound of the rattle.

In one move, lift your fingers to tilt the box upright, and at the same time, push your thumb forward to close the lid on the box. The closing motion, pushing your thumb forward, will return the box to its original position level with your palm. Note: As you tilt the box up, the coin will drop out of the box and into your palm. When you close the box and level it back with your palm, it will prevent the spectator from seeing that the box is now empty. Also, the move will bring your fingers toward your palm while extending your thumb, the perfect position to grasp and hide the coin in your palm, under the box.

To “prove” that the coin is still in the box, keep the cover closed, squeeze the box and shake it. The box rattles and it sounds like the coin is still in the box. Now, take the box into your other hand (or just set it down), secretly keeping the coin in your hand. You can now open the box to show that the coin has vanished. If you’d like, you can produce the coin elsewhere in your favorite manner.