Learning Page for the Absolutely Amazing Wallet

Learning Page for the Absolutely Amazing Wallet

The Effect:

Your spectator makes a facedown pile of cards on the table and stops at any card he or she chooses. You then take out your wallet and remove the envelope inside. In the envelope is a matching card to your spectator’s selected card!

The Secret:

This wallet has a secret slot on the back side that holds a playing card, for example, the 6 of Clubs. A duplicate 6 of Clubs is needed from another deck for the prediction card that is placed inside the envelope. Open the wallet and place the envelope in the pocket on the opposite side of the credit card slots and ID holder. You will want the secret slot face down when the wallet is lying open face up.


Hand a deck of cards to your spectator and ask he or she to begin to make a pile, dealing face down onto the table. Next, tell your spectator to stop at any time he or she would like. Once your spectator stops, take out your wallet, open it, and slide out the envelope. IMPORTANT: Slide the envelope across the face of the wallet, and as it comes off the edge of the wallet, pull out the card from the secret slot. The card from the slot should now be underneath the envelope. Drop the envelope on top of the pile of cards made by your spectator. You have now secretly deposited the card onto the pile! Ask the spectator to pick up the envelope and turn over the top card. Then have your spectator open the envelope and look inside and reveal that the cards match!