Linking Mints:

Demo Video:

Learning Video:


Two pieces of candy are removed from a roll, and magically they link together!


You are supplied with a set of non-toxic white imitation candy rings. These rings are very similar to commonly used peppermint candies. One of the imitation rings has a split in it and will be known as the "key ring" mint. The other imitation ring looks like a normal candy, but non gimmicked.


Hold the "key ring" in your left hand in the finger palmed position shown in Fig. 1. Place the other imitation ring in the end of the candy rolI.


Show the pack of mints and remove four mints from the package. Note: It wi II actually be the one imitation candy and three real mints. Pick up the imitation mint in the right hand between your fingertips and the thumb and one of the real mints in the left hand same position. Allow the spectator to pick up the other two mints on the table. While the spectator is picking up their two mints, your left hand switches the real mint for the key mint which has been finger palmed. The Switch: Lower the mint with the left forefinger and thumb just below the "key ring" mint, then switch the grip to the key mint bringing it up into position and allowing the real mint to be finger palmed as in Fig. 2.
Hold the mint with the split to the right, and the other imitation mint in the right hand, bring the solid mint in the right hand over and push it against the back side of the "key ring" mint at the joint. The two mints wiII link by the forefinger and thumb of the right hand holding the key joint and the mints can be shown freely all around. Ask the spectator to link their mints as well ...

Now hold the linked set and just pull them apart and it will appear as if they have magically melted through each other. Next, just simply toss the key mint in the mouth with the comment, "How refreshing" and then pass the other imitation mint into the left hand where you switch it for the real mint. Note: Do not eat or swallow this special "key ring" mint. It is made of rubber and is not intended to be eaten! The real mint is placed on the table, while the left hand pockets the imitation mint; after you spit it out discretely. At this point you are clean.