Magic Color Coins

The Trick:  With the performer’s back turned, a spectator chooses a colored coin and secures it in the container. Then, without opening the container, the performer predicts which colored coin is inside!

STEP 1:   Display the container, lid, and five colored coins.

STEP 2:   Turn your back to the spectator. Ask them to select one of the colored coins, remember it, and place it into the solid container. Then tell them to tightly screw the lid on, and hide the remaining coins in their hand. 

STEP 3:  Face the spectator, and lift the container to just under your eye level. Look over the container at the spectator, noting the relative position of the divot on the top of the container and the similar divot in the side of the container. 

STEP 4:  Each coin will cause the top divot to stop in a different location relative to the side divot. Reference the illustrations shown on this page.

STEP 5:  Remember the phrase “Know What Goes Right Below.”

The first letter of each word corresponds to the color of the coins indicated when the divot stops at one of five locations.

K-Black, W-White, G-Green, R-Red, and B-Blue.

By looking at the position of where the divot stops, you’ll know which coin is in the container.

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