Magic Knot:

Welcome to the Magic Knot Learning Page! Here you will see two performances... one with just the magician and one with a spectator. Take your magic to the next level with the Magic Knot!


Performance with a Spectator:

Teaching Video:

Illustrated Instructions:


The illustrations show two colored scarfs.  The scarf that is completely white will be represented by (A) in the illustrations. The gray scarf in the illustrations is actually the scarf with the orange thread running down one side, and will be represented by (B) in the illustrations.


Begin by holding the white scarf (A) in your left hand, and the orange threaded scarf (B) in your right hand, see Figure 1. Hold the scarfs with your little finger and ring finger. This leaves your thumbs, first fingers, and middle fingers, free to tie the knot. Pass the orange scarf (B) over the white scarf (A).

Next, pass the orange scarf (B) behind the white scarf (A), see Figure 2. The corner of the orange scarf (B) will be on the right side, and the corner of the white scarf (A) will be on the left side. Your middle finger will be holding a spot for the hole used in the next step. The orange scarf (B) goes over the top of the white scarf (A), then behind the white scarf (A) and down through the hole held by your middle finger, see Figure 3.


Pull your middle finger out of the hole. You can now pull on the corners of the scarfs with your thumbs and first fingers while your ring fingers and pinky fingers of each hand hold tight. Using your first fingers and thumbs, pull on the scarf corners to show that the knot is tight. Note: You will be pulling on all four pieces at the same time. This will allow for you to tug on it strongly, because what you are actually doing is pulling against your own fingers, not on the knot.

To release the knot, gently let go with your first fingers and thumbs. Pull the scarfs apart and the knot dissolves right before your eyes, see Figure 4.