Magic Printing Deck:

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This special deck has 27 normal length cards and 27 slightly shorter cards. The short cards are your blank face cards. The first thing you need to do is mix the regular length cards with the shorter cards every other card; evenly mixed. Make sure a blank card is at the bottom of the deck.


Hold the deck with your middle finger and thumb on the short ends of the deck and your index finger on the face. Hold up the deck so they backs are towards your spectator and let the cards fall into your hand by releasing the cards with your thumb. This will only show the blank cards. Flip the deck around so the faces are towards your spectator. Move the blank card on the bottom of the deck to the top then let the cards fall once again into your other hand. Now, only the printed cards will be shown.


Square up the deck and hold it as explained in the handling. Let the cards fall from one hand to the other explaining that this is an un-printed deck. Flip the deck around, snap your fingers or say a magic word, then move the blank face card to the back of the deck. Let the cards fall once more declaring that you magically printed the deck.