Magic Writer:

The Effect:

A pen is shown and a bill is borrowed from a spectator. The pen is forced right through the bill, and then pulled out, leaving the bill 100% restored with no hole!


Borrow a bill from a spectator and show it on both sides. Pull the pen out of your pocket and remove the cap, placing the cap on the back end of the pen. Note: Push the cap down firmly to extend the magnetic tip.

Place a small X on the center of the bill with the pen. Transfer the pen into your left hand so that the top is held with your middle and ring finger. The left thumb is placed onto the pen with your other fingers curled slightly in the natural writing position.

The pen tip will be behind your ring and little finger. Now hold the bill between both hands with the index finger and thumb of each hand. Show the bill on both sides. Allow the left hand to open palm up with the pen tip still griped by the gold section and held between the fingertips.

The right hand places the bill over the left hand palm up. Remove the pen from under the bill with the right hand and hold as show. Note: Your finger tips hide the fact that the writing tip is missing. Be sure your body is turned so that your spectator does not see the tip hidden in your left hand.

Now, position the body of the pen over the X in the bill and force the pen onto the bill. Note: The pen body and tip will connect magnetically. The bill can now be shown on both sides and the pen can be wiggled to show that it is through the bill.

The pen and bill are then transferred to your left hand. Grip the pen with your right hand while the index finger and thumb of your left hand hold the bill by the upper left corner. You can now pull the pen out of the right side of the bill.

When you remove the pen, the bill will make a scraping sound that will sound like the bill is tearing. Now put the cap of the pen back on and hand out for inspection. Note: Push the cap onto the tip firmly to conceal the magnetic insert in the body of the pen. Rub the center of the bill and snap the bill with both hands, showing that there is no hole!