Psychic Escape:

Demo Video:

Learning Video:


The Effect
Five colored brass discs are displayed. The spectator is asked to flip the discs over and mix them up, hiding the different colors. The spectator selects a disc and is asked to place all discs in the container. The container is sealed and a string is run through the center. Magically, the performer is able to make the selected disc escape from the string of discs and drop out of the chamber!   

Step 1
Display the five colored discs and the container. Ask the spectator to flip the discs over and mix them up, hiding the different colors.

Step 2
Ask the spectator to select a disc and remember its color. Have them place the remaining four discs face-down into the container with the lip, followed by their chosen disc. Explain that the discs are to be placed into the container “face down” so that you cannot see what colors are going into the container. When the discs are in the container, have the spectator cover it with the lid.

Step 3

With the container sealed, run the rod, attached to the string, up through the bottom hole of the container and out the top. While doing this, hold the container at a 45 degree angle, see illustration. The rod will knock the top disc (the spectator’s disc) aside, while the other discs are strung together.

Step 4

Have the spectator hold both ends of the string, suspending the container. Ask the spectator to concentrate in their mind on their selected disc.    

Step 5
Show that your hands are empty. Ask your spectator, “What was your selected color?” Pull the container apart, and all of the discs are trapped on the string except the spectator’s selected one, which has magically escaped.