Red Dragon Deck:

In addition to getting a unique deck of cards, you are supplied with three of the most useful gaffed cards anywhere, and a Dragon Card that can be used as a Standard Joker.

Red/Red Double Backed Card:

  Take five cards from the deck, and give five more to a spectator. Your spectator is to duplicate each move you do as you turn cards face up and face down. When you finish, all of your cards are face down but the spectator has one face up in the center.
    Start with the deck face down. Put a double backed card second from the top of the pack. Fan out the top cards of the deck, separate the top five from the rest, and drop them in front of you. Take off the next five cards, give them to the spectator, and put the rest of the deck aside.
      Tell your spectator to do each move exactly as you do, as you want to see if he or she can follow instructions. With your left thumb, push the top card to the right so your right fingers can turn the card over. Put that card on the bottom of the packet. The next card, the double backer, is taken off and put on the bottom without being turned over. The third card is turned face up and put on the bottom, and the next card is put on the bottom without turning it over. Spread out your cards to show that you have two face-up cards and three that are face down, and your spectator has the same. Square up the cards and turn the packet over by turning it end over end and away from you. The top card is face up, and you turn it face down and place it back on the top of the packet. Again, turn the entire packet over lengthwise. The top card is face down, and you turn it over. Turn the packet over again. Spread your cards and they will all be face down, but your spectator has one face up. To repeat the trick, count the cards off into your right hand, one at a time, showing that they are all face down, the last one going under the rest of the cards.

Blank Faced Card:

  You show a deck with no faces. You offer to show how a magician prints cards. A spectator names any card in the deck. Let’s say the 7 of Spades. Fanning the deck towards you, remove four blank cards and show them to the audience. The four blank cards magically turn into the four 7’s! Waving the 7’s over the deck, a face now appears on every card in the deck. The freshly printed deck is then handed out to the astonished audience!

    Blank-faced card at the face of the deck. Reverse fan to show all blank. Hindu shuffle to again show every card is blank. Ask the spectator to name a card. The 7 of spades for example. Spread the deck, faces towards you, remove the blank face card and place it face down on the table. On top of that place the 7 of spades face down, then 2 of the other 7’s.
      Table the deck face down. Pick up the tabled packet of 7’s, turn them face-up and do a Flushtration Count placing the final card (the blank-facer) at the bottom of the packet of cards. Take the top 2 cards in your right hand, the bottom 2 cards in your left hand. Rub the cards together then replace the left hand cards ABOVE the right hand cards. Turn the packet face-up and do an Elmsley Count to show four 7’s have appeared. Wave the face-up 7’s over the deck, then flip the deck face-up and spread it across the table to reveal a face has printed itself on every card! The deck can be handed out for inspection while you drop the blank-facer into your pocket and drop the remaining 7’s onto the deck.

Red/Yellow Double Backed Card:

  You shuffle through the deck, showing various cards with Yellow Backs. Have a spectator say stop whenever they want. With a snap of your fingers, turn their selected card over. The spectator’s selected card is the only card in the deck with a Red Back! Even more amazing than that, the whole deck has magically been changed to Red Backs!
    You will need the double backed card with a Red Back on one side and a Yellow Back on the other side. Hold the deck with the faces down and place the double back on the top of the deck so that the Yellow Back is showing. To perform the Hindu Shuffle, hold the deck in your right hand. Grab the sides of the deck towards the bottom between your index finger and thumb, faces up. You are going to be pulling sections of a few clumps of cards at a time off the top of the deck. Let the cards you pull off the top of the deck rest in your left hand. Stop every once in a while and give a little flash of the bottom card, the double backer. This gives you a chance to show that the deck has Yellow Backs. While shuffling, have a spectator call stop whenever they would like, lets say the King of Diamonds. Place the cards in your right hand under the cards in your left hand.  This keeps the double backer on the bottom of the deck, and the King of Diamonds on the top. Place the King of Diamonds down on the table face up. Place the deck of cards face down on the table, with the Yellow Back (double backer) on top. Snap your fingers over the King, and turn their card over. The spectator selected the only card in the deck with a Red Back!
      To make the rest of the deck match, pick up the deck with the faces down, and turn the King of Diamonds face up. Get a break under your top card, the double backer, by holding it with your pinky finger. Place the King of Diamonds on the top of the deck. In one fast motion, grab the King of Diamonds and the double backer together as one, drag them down to the edge of the deck, let your fingers grasp the double backer and revolve it up against the deck. Give a snap with the King of Diamonds. This is a sneaky way to get the double backer turned over. Place the King of Diamonds on the table and set the deck face down, and ribbon spread the cards to show that they now all have Red Backs.