Sizzle Stick:



The Effect: 

Show the HotRod with six different colors, same on both sides. A spectator selects a color. Then, the HotRod changes into the spectator’s selected color!

The Secret: 

There are six different colors on one side of the stick and the other side is all colored RED(v2) or looks like a wand (v1). A six way secret force is used to get the spectator to unknowingly select red.

The Paddle Move: 

This is a deceptive technique used to show the same side twice, hiding the other actual side. To learn this move, we strongly recommend you watch the demo video (link listed above) for complete learning. This is a two part move: turn your wrist over and roll the HotRod with your thumb and index finger.  The larger motion of turning hides the smaller motion of twisting/rolling. Do this same move in reverse to return the HotRod to the original position (Paddle Move in reverse). Use a mirror to practice your angles. See image below.


Have the HotRod with the RED force in pocket, color-side facing forward. Show the other HotRod with the six colors and use the “paddle move” to show the same on both sides. Have the spectator select a number between 1-6 and they will arrive at the “WHITE” (See Magician’s Force, V1).

Shake your hand, while turning over to the now “white wand” side. Do the paddle move to show it is on both sides. Switch back over to the “all colors” side, and put in same pocket as the RED version.. grab the Red version (make sure the all colors side is showing) and say....

“Wait a minute, what if we counted from the other side?” Show the “all colors” side with the paddle move. Count down from the opposite side so you land on RED!

In order to hand it out to the spectator, tap the RED rectangle to make it seem like you set it up to now have one side RED and one side Colorful.



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