Skeleton Key:

The teeth of the key move up and down and around the shaft of the key. The key is then handed out for inspection, leaving your spectator amazed! 


You receive the Skeleton Key and secret movable teeth.


As you can tell by now, there are two sets of teeth to this key. One set of the teeth is permanently welded on the end of the shaft near the head. The other set of teeth are movable, and attached to the shaft by a magnet. The idea is to casually hold the key concealing the welded set of teeth. With the magnetic set of teeth at the end of the shaft, in the normal looking position, use your index finger to slide the magnetic teeth 360 degrees around the shaft end. 

Then with your index finger you want to push the magnetic teeth to the other end of the key shaft. This is where you will need to steal the magnetic teeth off the shaft with your thumb. Your thumb is reaching out and grabbing the magnetic teeth bringing the two sets of teeth side by side. This is where you pull off the magnetic teeth concealed in your hand. 

As you are doing this, simultaneously, you need to pull on the welded teeth as you draw your hand away from the key. This gives the appearance that you are pulling on the teeth. This steal off of the magnetic teeth can also be achieved as you are handing the key to the spectator. 

The secret steal off of the magnetic teeth needs to be done with finesse and a casual motion. This is where you had the key to the spectator, with the magnetic teeth casually concealed in your hand by your pinky and 3rd finger, showing that “The Teeth Cannot Move!”

You may notice that the head of the key unscrews. You can add this into the routine, or if you wish, you may unscrew the head, add a drop of glue, then screw the head back onto the shaft of the key to keep it from unscrewing.