Spell Binding Boxes:

Demo Video:

A quarter magically teleports from within a handkerchief into    nested brass boxes. 

The black silk handkerchief contains a dummy quarter. A special holder secures the brass boxes into which the magician skillfully slips the real, signed quarter, see Setup illustration above.

How It Works
A quarter is identified with a permanent marker by a spectator, then handed to the magician. The magician places the marked quarter underneath the black silk handkerchief, carefully pinching the dummy coin as well. The spectator is asked to feel and hold their signed coin, when actually they are holding the dummy coin, covered by the handkerchief. 


The magician, keeping the marked quarter hidden in his hand, reaches inside his pocket to retrieve the Spell Binding Boxes. The Spell Binding Boxes are held open inside the pocket, allowing the magician to place the quarter in the smallest box, see Figure 1. The Boxes are then slid shut and pulled out of the pocket. The closed Spell Binding Boxes are presented to the spectator who still thinks she/he is holding onto the marked quarter. 

The magician takes the handkerchief and shows that it is empty. The signed quarter has disappeared! Ask the spectator to open the Spell Binding Boxes and look inside!