Stop Light Cards

Learning Video:

The Effect

Two black cards are shown, each in its own clear plastic sleeve. One card is all black, and the other card is black with a red spot, a yellow spot, and a green spot on it, just like a traffic light. A colored spot is freely selected by a spectator. Both cards are removed from the clear plastic sleeves and one card is placed in each of the spectator’s hands. A command is given and the selected spot vanishes from one card and appears on the other while in the spectator’s hands.

The Routine

Remove both of the sleeves, each containing a card, from your pocket. Explain that one card is black (turn the sleeve over showing both sides of the card. Then place it down on the table with the label side up). The other sleeve contains a black card with a set of traffic lights, green which means Go, yellow which means Slow Down, and red which means Stop.

Ask the spectator to name a number from 1 to 3. No matter what number they pick, you are going to force the green spot. If they say the number 1, just point to the green spot and say alright, number one, the green spot. If they say number 2, spell from the red spot, t-w-o, 2 (you still end up on the green spot). If they say the number 3, count from the red spot 1, 2, 3, and 3 would be the green spot.

Once the green spot is chosen, have them hold both hands out palms up. Turn the sleeve with the three spots, spots side down and slide the card out and place it in their left hand spot side down. Place the empty sleeve on the table label side up. (The green spot underneath will be hidden by the label.)

Now, pick up the other sleeve and turn it label side down. Slide the card out of the sleeve and place it on the spectator’s right hand, spot side down. Place the empty sleeve label side down on the table with the other empty sleeve.

Ask your spectator what color spot he or she selected as you pick up the sleeves and place them away in your pocket. When the spectator says Green, ask what the color green means and he or she will say, “Go!” As soon as he or she says that, snap your fingers and say it has happened. The green spot has gone. Then, have the spectator turn over the cards and reveal that the spot has jumped across to the blank card.