Stripper Deck

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The stripper deck looks like a regular deck of cards but there is a slight difference that sets it apart. This deck is tapered; while holding the deck you will notice a subtle difference of one end of the cards being wider than the other end of the cards. The easiest way to tell is by looking at the white border of the cards. You will notice that one end is narrower than the other. Remove one card from the deck and rotate it end for end (180 degrees) and place it back into the center of the deck. You will be able to feel that there is a card sticking out of the deck equally on both sides. You or your spectator may shuffle or cut the deck as many times as you wish. While you run your fingers along side of the deck in an upward motion, you will be able to strip the rotated card to the top of the deck.


Hold the deck with all of the cards facing in the same direction; have a card selected. While your spectator is looking at their selected card, square up the deck and turn it around (180 degrees), and now the deck will be facing the opposite way. Next, return the card anywhere in the deck, and you or your spectator may shuffle the deck. While shuffling and cutting the cards, you can then strip your spectators card to the top of the deck. You can now magically reveal their selected card at the top of the deck.