The Original Haunted Key & Gold Version - Learning Page

Performance Video:

The Effect

A haunted key placed in your hand slowly turns over by itself.

You receive the haunted key.

The Secret
The secret is in the handling of the key. Your Haunted Key has been made with a special balance, the weight of the teeth and head of the key help rotate the entire key. Here are 3 different handlings.

# 1. The Palm Method:
Place the haunted key in the palm of your hand with the handle of the key off the side of your palm and the teeth toward your arm. Now slowly tilt your hand downward until the key starts to move. Continue until the key turns completely over. This will take some trial and error until you find the right place on your palm and to make it turn without it looking like your hand is moving. After some practice you will be able to determine how fast the key moves.

#2. The One Finger Method:
Place the haunted key on the first joint of your index finger with the teeth pointing up the hand. Slowly curl your finger upward, this will cause the key to roll toward your body. The motion of the key hides the smaller motion of your finger.

# 3. The Fingertip Method:
Place the haunted key on the top of the finger tips of your thumb, first finger and middle finger, with the teeth facing upward. The motion used to turn the key here is a very subtle pinching action, just let the key balance on top of your fingers and turn the teeth of the key just a fraction away from or toward your body, this will help the rotation get started, now just start pinching your fingers together under the key. This will look real eerie when it starts to move. Practice with a slower pinch and get faster as you get more confident.

The haunted key is examinable before and after the routine. The Haunted Key is a great switch out key for the “Golden Key with the moving teeth“ made by Magic Makers, Inc found in magic shops world wide. Good luck and enjoy!