Trick Bottles:


You are provided with 2 bottles, 2 outer tubes, and 1 inner gimmick tube. Your tube should contain the inner gimmick tube, the spectator's tube will not. Holding your inner gimmick tube inside the outer tube between your thumb and pointer finger will make them appear as one tube to your spectator


Step 1:

Both you and the spectator put your bottles in the tubes right side up.

Step 2:

Lift up on the tubes to reveal that the bottles are both right side up.Remember, you the performer will need to lift up on both the outer and inner gimmick tube together as one.

Step 3:

Take the bottles out and then put them in the tubes upside down.

Step 4:

This time, instead of revealing that your bottle is upside down, lift only the outer tube about 1/4 of the way up. This will reveal the gimmicked tube, making it appear as if your bottle has magically turned right side up; unlike the spectators which will be upside down. Now, let the tubes go back down.

Step 5:

Announce that you will make your bottle magically turn upside down again with just a snap of your fingers! Lift both the outer and inner gimmick tubes as one, revealing the upside down bottle. You have just amazed your spectator!