Vanishing Deck also known as the Mental Photography Deck

Demonstration Video:

Learning Video:


This deck uses the “long and short” and “rough and smooth” principles. Each card is blank-faced on one side and contains either a printed face or back on the other side.

Long and Short

Half of the deck are “long” cards, which are a normal length and have backs on one side and are blank on the other. The “short” cards are just a millimeter short and have faces on one side and blank on the other. The deck is intermixed to have one long card followed by a short card. When riffling the deck two cards fall as one. Riffling from one side, the whole deck will appear to be there, riffling from the other makes it appear blank.

Rough and Smooth

The printed backs and faces have a rough texture applied to them. When spread with great pressure, the cards stick together. When spread with light pressure, they come apart.

Beginner's Handling

Start with the back printed side facing upward. A blank back will be on top. Riffle through to show that the entire deck is blank. Flip the deck over and a blank card will be there as well, further emphasizing the fact that the entire deck is blank. Do not riffle. Say you are taking a mental picture of a card, spread the deck with great pressure to show blanks. Apply light pressure to one card somewhere in the middle of the spread. to make it appear. Say “There it is!” and name the card. Cut the deck here and place the half with the exposed card on the top. Again, spread the cards with great pressure to show that it is indeed the only card there.

For the climax, rotate the deck over and say, “Look! Now there are backs. I have visualized the entire deck!” Rotate back to show the face-up card you cut to. Now riffle through and each card will fall, revealing a face.

Helpful Tips

1. Experiment spreading the deck with different amounts of pressure.
2. At the beginning of the trick, be careful not to riffle the deck after flipping it over as you will expose the whole deck and spoil the climax.
3. For the climax, a simple rotation of your wrist is key because you want to start riffling with the cut card on top to reveal all the faces.