75 Self Working Card Tricks Kit - Instant Download + Streaming Access

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Instant Download and Streaming Access. Your videos can also be downloaded for offline viewing!

This collection of complete card magic training is a "One-Two Punch" when it comes to mastering card tricks and card magic.

Two powerful volumes of card tricks as well as a fresh stripper deck to get you started.

The 1st volume, Super Subtle Card Miracles, includes 4 hours of lessons taught by magic expert Simon Lovell. He reveals the secret to over 40 card tricks that can be performed with ANY deck of cards.

Some card tricks you'll learn in volume one: 

  • New York Opener
  • Dave's Delight
  • Super Subtle Shuffle
  • Whimsy Aces
  • Crazy Aces
  • Speller Transition
  • Now You See 'Em
  • The Bullet Trick
  • F.T. Cut
  • Coming Up In The World
  • Topsy Turvy Deck

The 2nd volume, Million Dollar Card Secrets, also taught by Simon Lovell is packed with more than 30 card tricks and secret techniques. Starting with some very fundamental techniques that you can build into stunning routines.

A few of the card tricks you'll discover in volume two: 

  • Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama - A spectator's card turns Red Hot!
  • Double Lift - The most important sleight in all card magic! When you learn from Simon, it's EASY!
  • Double Cut - A very simple and effective control of a chosen card!
  • 3 In A Million - Do-As-I-Do with a kicker ending!
  • Switch Craft - Two cards change places!
  • Easy Aces - 4 Aces are spelled-to, cut-to, and counted-to!
  • Hide and Seek Kings - Four Kings vanish one at a time then reappear paired with their Queens
  • One Head - A little routine of card fun!
  • Dual Discovery - A clever "magician in trouble" surprise!
  • Uncanny Revelation - Heavy-hitting trick with very little work!
  • PeekaBoo Revelation - The Aces find a spectator's peeked-at card!
  • Mental Cards - Thought-of card located in a thoroughly shuffled deck!
  • Key Card Control Technique
  • What Aces?
  • Perplexing