Blue Svengali & Blue Stripper

The Svengali and the Stripper deck are two very powerful decks for any magician to have.
Both decks are available in either blue or red, so mix and match until you’ve got them in the colors you want.

The Svengali dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and still wows modern audiences.
It practically does the work for you!
Any magician of any and every skill level can easily perform this routine in no time flat.
Wow your audiences by turning the entire deck into the card that they randomly selected!

The Stripper deck has held an even longer place in magic history-it dates back to the beginning of the 1800s.
 This deck gives the magician of any and every skill level the ability to locate the spectator’s card after it’s been lost in the deck.
And you don’t even need to look in order to find their card!
 This deck has been around long enough to have gone through a few other names: the Tapered Deck, Wizard Deck, Slipper Deck, and the Biseaute Deck.

Comes with FREE instructions and on line video learning links.
All the card magic you will ever need!


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