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Magic Makers, Inc.

Magic Makers Gold Rattleback

Magic Makers Gold Rattleback

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Magic Makers now offers a device that'll convince any audience you can control an object's movements with your mind, in high quality alloy to bring your presentation to the next level.

The Magic Makers Rattleback defies the laws of conservation of angular momentum, displaying a spin-reversal when spun clockwise. It'll swing counter-clockwise with ease, but once you try to swing it clockwise it'll rattle until it comes to complete stop and reverses its direction.

    • Real Alloy Construction
    • Collector's Edition Spinning Physics Toy
    • No Skill or Slight of Hand Needed
    • Fun For All Ages
    • Where Science Becomes Magic...Magic Makers

      Size: ~4 inches long by 0.75 inches wide
      Weight: ~ 2 oz
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