Magic Makers Rattleback Collectors Model




One of the simplest yet puzzling props in magic.  The semi-ellipsoidal Rattleback defies the laws of the conservation of angular momentum. The Rattleback creates one of the most inexplicable phenomena in the worlds of magic and science that magicians can harness for their performance advantage. Magic Makers now offers the device that will convince any audience you can control object movements with nothing more than the sheer power of your mind.  Made in high-quality metal alloy to bring your presentation to the next level.



The device will swing counter-clockwise with ease, not unlike a top. Once you try to swing it clockwise though, you’ll witness the spin-reversal. The small device will rattle until it comes to a complete stop and reverses its direction. The ancient toy that is also known as a Celt, Celtic Stone, Wobble stone or ellipsoid spinning top defies physics and has been enchanting people of all ages for centuries. Are you ready to utilize its mystifying power to enchant people for the centuries to come?


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