Metal Gem HotRod - Black with Blue Force


This is simple yet mind-blowing magic!
Watch your spectator's amazement when you perform incredible effects using a HotRod.

The HotRod magically changes from having multicolor gems to all the gems turning the same color with nothing but a quick flick of the wrist!

So simple to perform yet producing amazing results.
This is easy magic for magicians of any age and skill level.

Includes a magic training DVD with explanations on 30 different tricks and tips on performing with your HotRod!


  • Basic Presentation
  • The HotRod Force
  • The Paddle Move
  • The Flip Move
  • The Swing Move
  • Through the Hand Change
  • Shake Change
  • Blur Change
  • Twist Change
  • Cover Snap Change
  • In Their Hands
  • Misdirection Change
  • Rubber Illusion
  • Vanish Into Silk
  • Vanish Into Confetti
  • Thumb Palm Vanish
  • Retention Vanish
  • Single Production
  • Continuous Production
  • Children Prize Bags
  • I Know Your Music
  • Color Change Deck
  • The Six Card Trick
  • HotRod Card Trick
  • PLUS More!

HotRods available in...


  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver



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